Bus Shelter to Village Bench

A reminder of the new look Village Bench, much improved by Clayton’s stone cladding:

Village Bench Jul 2018

Bit of an improvement over how it was before … ?

Village bench April 2017

Bus shelter January 2015


Village barbecue, 5 August 2018

Thankfully, unlike last year, the weather held good for the annual barbecue – indeed it was so hot that Graham felt he’d drawn the short straw in barbecuing for some 50 residents.  However people had brought lots of beautiful salads so no problem waiting whilst the meat was seared!  As usual, Roger Morgan had very kindly donated half a lamb in manageable pieces which were particularly enjoyed.  The raffle table was a typical CyP affair – mostly bottles! – and together with generous donations a grand total of £650 was raised for our village church, Christchurch.  

Sadly I have no photos this year!

Village Barbecue

The weather was unkind on the day of the barbecue – the only cold, rainy day amongst a string of warm dry days!  Nevertheless, over 50 (including children) supported the event and raised over £600 for church funds.


Cooking in the rain!

Cooking inside

People brought lovely salads

Some sheltered under gazebos …

… others stayed in the dry!

… garden room was the best place …








… but kitchen good for a drink and a chat …

Olwen thanked everyone for their support.